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Runder biltong is proper South African-style biltong. Made in a traditional way with just the right flavours that will take you on a 'tasty adventure' to South Africa in just one bite. We use 100% Dutch beef with all our products. A delicious, and wholesome snack with no added sugars or artificial flavouring.

Like our fancy friend Parma ham, biltong is also a cured meat although, most commonly made from beef or game. Biltong is traditionally a South African air-dried beef snack but the earliest forms of biltong show traces back to the early Dutch settlers. We make our biltong with 100% premium Dutch beef, a careful selection of spices and a marination process, which allows the meat to absorb heaps of flavour before the drying process begins. The slabs of meat are dried at a cool temperature, so to slowly develop a unique flavour, soft texture and without losing nutritional value.

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